The CCRA (Clinical & Contract Research Association) Regulatory Affairs Working Group was established early in 2021 with an initial mandate to support its members’ interests as follows:

  • To keep a watching brief on the status of the current UK Government Trade Negotiations as it relates to the Life Sciences Sector.
  • To provide a forum to discuss the potential challenges for which may lie ahead for the Pharmaceutical Industry and CCRA members, during the Brexit transition period
  • To discuss all related functional areas and the impact of the emerging MHRA and European Legislation

The Working Group is made up of leading Industry professionals, with an average of 25 years’ experience of regulatory affairs and a broad background that ranges across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, research, development and drug delivery industries. The Working Group meets regularly and the minutes of past meetings, dates and Agendas of future meetings are available for CCRA members.

Note: the CCRA is a not-for-profit organisation originally founded to represent independent clinical research contractors and allied industries.